Monday, November 11, 2013

Hundreds of Australian websites has been attacked by Indonesian hackers

Tied with spying of Australia to Indonesia, Indonesian hackers take action to voice their hatred by hacking the websites of Australia's government with domain. Many small business websites, charities, and hospitals were also hacked. In fact, they were innocent of spying carried Australia to Indonesia.

Today, a website of Australia's intelligence, was down by massive attacks from hackers. According to news circulating, hackers have also targeted the website

No one knows when the attacks will end. According to news there, hackers from Australia has sent a letter to Indonesian hackers to stop the attacks against the websites of charities, hospitals, and small businesses are presumed innocent. However, it turns out the hacker from Australia supported the Indonesian hackers to hack the websites of their government (Australia), because they (Australian hackers) also did not agree to the spying conducted by the Australian government to Indonesia.

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